Dongsin (DS) DiAFLX Co., Ltd. possesses both market-proven quality products and wide range of products, which fits various uses. DiAFLX series started from the simple way like polishing the round corner or edge and launched a lot of new items according to uses and working condition. X-DiAFLX(nicknamed "Copperhead") is one of such development. This brand new product has the extreme flexibility, in spite of metal bond, which can clear the difficulties simply in grinding the round and ogee shape. Copperhead is the innovative product that actualized fast grinding performance and long lifetime at a time. Also, DS has the specialized tools for fabricating the stone furniture like table, sink-bowl and kitchen top with drain-board that is showing rapid growth in market. It is JO-A Tools. From the milling to the final flat polishing and shining, JO-A series consist of various stuffs for NC as well as CNC machine.
JO-A series tools will prove where Dongsin stands in the variety and technology.
DS's range of products is as follow.


DiAFLX(Flexible Polishing Pad) : for polishing and shining the round shaped stone
X-DiAFLX(Copperhead) : Fast grinding rough round shaped stone and long lasting.
DiAFLX-Edge : for Automatic Edge Polishing machine.
DiAFLX-R : for the renovation work of stone floor
Convex Pad : specially designed for the ogee shape polishing.
Jo-Ta Polisher : creatively designed tools to be used with water most effectively.
For chamfer and edge polishing without waves
DiAFLX-V : for flat polishing in a narrow space like corner and staircases and for straight edge polishing without wave.


JO-A Router : Milling tools for Drain-board.
JO-A Angler : Shaping tools for various pattern of Drain-board.
JO-A Polisher : for polishing and shining flat and angled edge of Drain-board at a time.
DiAFLX-Belt : for polishing of inside and outside edge. For the vanity top.
Komu Expander and Spindle : Unique adapting part for DiAFLX-Belt.
Oscillation Adaptor : Oscillating Komu Expander while it works.
JO-A Groover : shaping and polishing, shining for marks.